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Here at the Treehouse we aim to create a truly unique experience. All of the cocktails on our menu are written right here by our highly trained bartenders, who are also experts in mixing the classics. We distance ourselves from the high street bars so you won't find any sickly, pre-mixed concoctions here. If you'd like us to create a completely new cocktail just for you, we'll gladly work out your tastes and mix you something entirely bespoke. Some of our drinks wander into unusual territories but please don’t be afraid to try them; we've spent the time balancing them perfectly, so it's here that the real adventure begins. We don't use products full of chemicals, instead we adopt all fresh ingredients and even go to the extent of distilling our own spirits. We're here to help you have the best possible night out that you'll remember for a long time. So please come and visit us at the bar and experience the Treehouse for yourself.