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We understand that sometimes you need a bit of sustenance throughout the night. We're here to save the day! Try something form our exciting new pizza menu and avoid that late night kebab. In pizza we trust!


Breakfast - £11

Tomato base: Sausage,. Bacon., Tomato.,

Mushroom,. Egg.


All the Meat - £13

Tomato base: Meatballs,. Bacon., Sausage.

Spicy Beef., Pepperoni.


Low and Slow - £11

Bbq base: Pulled Pork. Jalapeños.


Roasted - £11

Tomato base: Roasted Chicken.,

Roasted Veg., Roasted Tomato.


Veggie Delux - £10

Tomato base: Roasted Peppers.,

Courgette., Aubergine,. Mushrooms.,



Classic Pepperoni - £10

Tomato base: Pepperoni


Mexican - £11

Tomato base: Spicy Chicken., Peppers.,

Jalapeños., Crispy Onion., Sour Cream.


Deep South - £11

Bbq base: Chicken., Bacon., Peppers.


Hot and Spicy - £12

Spicy tomato base: Spicy Beef.,

Crispy Onions., Peppers., Jalapeños.


All Heat, No Meat - £10

Spicy tomato base: Peppers., Jalapeños.,

Sweetcorn., Mushroom., Crispy Onions.


Name that Tuna - £11

Tomato base: Tuna., Sweetcorn.,

Crispy Onions.


Type 2 - £10

Nutella base: Marshmallow.,

Oreo Cookies., Cream.


In Pizza

We Trust.